Estate Buyouts

Cheshire Cats Antiques has been doing estate buyouts for over 15 years. Each estate is different. Some are larger than others, some smaller. Some may be considered more valuable, some less. Some may require more time to clean out, some less. Some may have more trash than treasure, some may have more treasure than trash. We look at each estate individually and estimate accordingly. We are fair and efficient.

When purchasing an entire estate we will be responsible for the removal of trash and will leave the premises broom cleaned or vacuumed if necessary. When purchasing a partial estate we will charge for the rubbish removal or credit you towards the purchase price. We will provide a quote up front to eliminate any confusion or over billing.

Please do not attempt to clean out your estate by yourself because in the process you may unintentionally throw out valuables.  We can make an appointment that is convenient for you, do a walk-through, give you a FREE estimate and help you decide which is the best route to liquidate your estate. The sooner you talk with us the faster you can get an empty estate onto the market.

We will work with you to determine the best option for liquidating your estate. We will explain the options for choosing a buyout, cleanout, estate sale, placing items on consignment or online auction.

Call us for an appointment.
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